Bulk 911 Update

To upload E911 registrations in bulk, go to E911 > Bulk E911 Tool:

You will be able to provision or remove E911 for a list of DIDs. Please download the Template File and upload it using the Browse button to get started. Then enter an email address for notifications and click Submit Bulk E911.

This process may take around 15 minutes to complete.

After submitting a request, you will receive a notification:

To view your submitted requests, click on Bulk Registration Requests. It will show you the status:

After processing is completed, you will receive an e-mail:

You can now view the completed status on the Bulk Registration Requests tab:


If any failures were encountered, you may view suggestions by clicking on the green check box:

Some addresses may return Invalid address - no correction found. If a similar address was found for a failure, click on View Suggestions.

You will then be presented with a list of choices that will verify. Click on one of the choices to provision E911 with that address.

Alternate Bulk E911 Method

You can also process bulk E911 via the Manage DIDs page. Something important to mention about this tool is: *This is ONLY for DIDs you have through VI--it is NOT for Off-net 911 numbers* There are several things to remember when using this tool. We suggest you read the main article on this wiki regarding Provisioning 911 so you have a firm understanding of the process and possible errors you can encounter. The same potential errors you could receive when adding 911 in a singular fashion also apply to the 911 Bulk Tool so please follow the information outlined in the main article for any errors you receive. There is a major difference between the 911 Bulk Tool and adding addresses one at a time. Adding 911 information singularly to a DID is a two-step process as outlined in the referenced article; you must first add the address and then provision it. With the 911 Bulk Tool, you will be provisioning the address as you add it so it is a one step process. Additionally, the 911 Bulk Tool can be used to remove 911 addresses en masse. Note however, that if there are multiple addresses for the DID(s) you will be removing ALL addresses if you use the Bulk Tool. If you wanted to remove a single address from DIDs that have multiple addresses, you could first remove all and then use the 911 Bulk Tool to add one back.

Using the Bulk 911 tool is simple. Click the DIDs tab and select Manage DIDs (note the bulk tool is not designed for Toll-free DIDs). You will see a Bulk 911 Update button at the bottom of the DIDs list. Clicking this button will expand the page to include an area wherein you enter the desired address for the DIDs you selected. You can use the various search filters on the page to narrow things down to only the DIDs you wish to update. After you are satisfied with your list, place check marks to the left of the DIDs you want to bulk update, enter the required information and click the 'Update 911 Information' button at the bottom of the page. You can use the 'Clear Form' button at any time to erase the information and start over. Any appropriate errors will be returned after the process and confirmation will be given of the successful updates. To remove 911 information in bulk, follow the previous steps and click the 'Remove 911 Information' button.

Below are a few screenshots to assist you.

Being by selecting the DIDs Tab -> Manage DIDs

The Bulk E911 Update button (Picture below) will expand the page to include the necessary fields. Also, you can configure the left side to pull up all numbers that have e911 on or all numbers that have this off depending on if you plan on making changes to the numbers that already have e911 or making changes to numbers that do not.

Use the various search filters (depicted in the red rectangles and squares) to locate your desired numbers and place check marks (depicted in the green rectangle) to the left of the ones you wish to edit.

Make your selections and click the button to Add AND Provision in bulk.

After selecting the numbers and filling out the information, you can then click the button 'Update 911' and then it will let you know at the top above the search filters section and DID results section, whether the update was a success or not. In the picture below, you will see that the update was a success. This will also be the same area that will be red and let you know that the update has failed.