How to Provision E911

Any 911 calls sent to VoIP Innovations should have address information provisioned for the ANI (CallerID) used on the call. Any calls we receive from an unregistered ANI are subject to a 911 Rogue fee (for more information on Rogue 911 calls, click here). This article outlines how to correctly provision 911 on your account.

There are two types of provisioning regarding 911. You can provision 911 for DIDs you have with VoIP Innovations as well as numbers you do not have with us. Both can be provisioned in the Back Office.
To provision a DID go to the Back Office under E911 -> Add New DID.

You can provision any DID with E911, even if it’s not on VoIP Innovations. This will be considered an “Off-Network” registration.

Fill out the following form completely. If you need to specify a room or suite, please use Address Line 2.

The existing E911 Group is used for organizational purposes and does not affect anything with the routing of 911 calls. Up to ten email and phone numbers can be added for email alerts, if desired. Once all the necessary information has been added, click Provision 911.

E911 can be removed from a DID by going into the E911 tab, select Manage DIDs and select the Pen and Paper button to edit the DID. A box will come up showing the selected DID and the E911 information, select Remove 911 to remove E911 completely.

Other edits and updates can also be made in this tab. If an E911 Group is desired, it can be added here.

Address changes, text messaging alerts and email alerts can also be added in this tab.
There are several errors that may come up when provisioning 911, for instance, you can only provision 911 for numbers that they own. If you attempt to provision 911 for a DID belonging to another VoIP Innovations' customer, you will receive an error.

Similarly, if an attempt to provision a non-verified address is made, an error message will appear.

There are a few ways to make sure an address is legitimate, sometimes the address is correct but incorrect spellings and abbreviations are being used. Some ways to check the address are using the following sites:


If it is found that the address appears to be different in one of the above sites with spelling or abbreviations, try using the corrected address in the Back Office to see if it will provision. If the address still will not provision, open a trouble ticket with Support and a ticket will be created with VoIP Innovations E911 carrier to get the address whitelisted.