Testing E911 Through VoIP Innovations

To test your 911 service through VoIP Innovations, dial 933. This will take you to a recorded message that will read back to you the Caller ID that you are using and provide you with the E911 address that is setup for that DID.
Depending on how you have your PBX setup, you will need to add an outbound route to allow your PBX to send this call out to VoIP Innovations. This would be configured similarly to your E911 route.
Below is a screen shot of the outbound route from the FreePBX software:

These settings will vary depending on your PBX software.

Route Name: The name that you would enter to differentiate between your other routes.
Route CID: This is for using the same Caller ID for any calls going over this route. In most cases you would not use this option, since you would be calling from different DIDs.
Route Password: This field would be for if you want to have a password setup for this route. In most cases this would be left blank.
Pin Set: If you have a PIN.
Emergency Dialing: This would cause this route to go over your Emergency route; normally you would not want to select this option.
Intra Company Routing: You would not want to have this selected, if you want this call to be sent to VoIP Innovations.
Dial Patterns: This is where you would want to setup your dial pattern. As shown above there are two options. The first option of dialing 9+933, this would be if you have your system setup to dial with a 9 prior to sending the calls out.
The second option would be just using 933, which anytime someone dials 933, the call would be sent out through this route to VoIP Innovations. This is the recommend usage for this, if you do not require dialing the 9 prior to it.