How to Enable Fax to Email

VoIP Innovations allows for any T38-enabled DID to be configured for our Fax to Email service. By enabling this feature on your DID, whenever someone sends a fax to it, recipient(s) will be emailed a .PDF file containing the fax transmission. This will remove the ability for the DID to handle voice calls, as it is a dedicated inbound fax service.

To configure Fax to Email on your DID, go to the DIDs tab and click Manage DIDs. Search for the DID you want to enable, and then click the pen/paper icon.

On the DID Configuration Wizard page, change the Route To option to Fax to Email, enter one or more e-mail addresses, then click Save Changes.

Make sure that the DID supports the T38 feature. If it does not, the Fax to Email service will not be selectable.

After clicking Save Changes, your DID will be ready for inbound faxes after 10-15 minutes for propagation time. Now, when someone sends a fax to this DID, the recipient(s) will receive an email from that contains a PDF attachment of the fax transmission. If someone tries to send a fax and it fails, the user will receive a Failed Fax notification. If you do not wish to receive failure notifications, this can be changed from the DID Configuration Wizard.

Simply un-check the Fail Notify check box and then Save Changes.

You can also enable or disable Fax to Email at any time by going to DIDs > Manage DIDs. Find the DID that you wish to edit and click the Pen and Paper icon. You will be taken to the same DID Configuration Wizard, and you can enable/disable Fax to Email there. Be sure to click the "Save Changes " button.