How to Enable Email to Fax

Our Email-to-Fax service allows you to e-mail a fax-supported document (such as a .PDF) that gets converted to a fax transmission. To enable this feature, go to DIDs > Manage DIDs. Find the DID that will be used for this feature on and click the Pen and Paper icon.

After clicking the pen and paper button, the DID Configuration Wizard will appear.

The DID Configuration Wizard has Email to Fax as an option. Click the "Configure" link to enable this feature. Once you click configure, you will see a box to enter one or more e-mail addresses. This email address will be used to send outbound faxes.

Click "Add Email Address" after entering your desired address(es). Email addresses can be removed by clicking the orange “X” next to the address if it is no longer needed.

Please allow 10 – 15 minutes for propagation after adding an email address.


To view pricing for this service, download the Email To Fax rate deck by going to Billing > Packages & Pricing > Other Services (prices vary depending on destination and are determined by the cost of the call).
All faxes are treated and billed as voice calls. If the fax takes 60 seconds to send, you are billed for a 60 second call.

How to use E-mail to Fax

Below is a sample screenshot of all you need to send an E-mail to Fax. Open your E-mail client, compose a new message, and in the "To" field, type fax<destinationnumber> You will simply replace <destinationnumber> with the 10-digit destination that you wish to fax. Then, attach any supported document types to the e-mail and send the message. It is not necessary to include a subject or body, as these fields are ignored.

After sending the message, you will then receive an e-mail in your inbox stating that your attempt has been queued. Afterward, you will receive another e-mail that will notify you if the fax completed, or if it failed.

We recommend that you limit your filename for your attachment to no greater than 32 characters. Anything greater may result in a fax failure with the error type: File_Error.

We also recommend that you ensure your document size is set to 8.5 x 11. You can check this in Adobe Reader by clicking File->Properties->Page Size. Oftentimes scanned documents will exceed these dimensions which can cause failures with the Email-to-fax service. The specific error you will receive is: TIFF/F format is not compatible. To overcome this potential problem, you can use a third-party program such as Cute PDF to re-save the file before attaching it. Cute PDF has a default size of 8.5 x 11 so the only thing you are doing when using it is shrinking whatever document you have, to fit the standard paper sized used in most fax machines. You can download the open source Cute PDF program here. Once you have installed Cute PDF you can re-save the file by opening the original PDF file in Adobe, clicking File>Print (or alternately, CTRL+P) and choosing 'Cute PDF writer' at the very top of the resulting window under the 'Printer' drop down menu. Clicking the 'Print' button will cause the normal Windows dialogue window to open asking for a Save Location. Choose your desired location and click the 'Save' button. You can now open the file from the saved location, check the properties in Adobe Reader as before and see the document size is now 8.5 x 11. You should now be able to email this file without receiving the TIFF/F format is not compatible error.

Original File->Properties

File->Properties after re-saving with Cute PDF

Additional information:


  • Your email domain must have a SPF record configured. (For more information regarding SPF Records, click here).

Valid attachment types are:

  • .DOC

  • .DOCX

  • .PDF (recommended for best results/success rate)

  • TIFF (Fax-formatted)

  • .XLS

  • .XLSX

Email to Fax format – where ########## = destination fax number


We recommend attaching documents that are 8.5 x 11 inches (or as close as possible) for best results.