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A Rogue 911 call is any call placed to 911 through VoIP Innovations from an unregistered ANI (CallerID). Rogue 911 calls are subject to a fee of up to $250 per our terms of service. To avoid Rouge 911 charges please ensure that any call sent from your system to VoIP Innovations uses a registered ANI that is registered through our Back-Office. For information on how to register a DID for 911 with VoIP Innovations click here. If you do send a 911 call to VoIP Innovations from an unregistered AniANI, an email will be sent to all billing contacts on your account advising of the call and the CallerID used for the call.

The subject line of this email will be as follows and contain the CallerID that was used:

'Urgent! Unregistered 911 Call made from...'

The body of the email will be as follows and will also contain the CallerID the call was made from as well as the Endpoint Group ID that made the call:
Immediate Action Required

This email is to inform you that we have received a call from an IP address associated with your account from a number that does not have any subscriber or address information provisioned.
The Phone Number that made this call was 1XXXXXXXXXX and was sent from Endpoint Group XXXX.
Please log into your Back Office and submit E911 information under the E911->My DIDs section for this number as soon as possible.
If you have any issues getting this number registered, please contact us at or 877-478-6471.

Thank You,

Customer Support
VoIP Innovations
(877) 478-6471