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VoIP Innovations offers a free alerts system for notifying specific people in the event a call is placed to 911 emergency services. To use this service, you must first have the ANI (Caller ID of the calling number) registered for 911 through our service. If you need help registering a DID for 911, click here.
To set up alerts for any registered number click E911 -> Manage DIDs and click the pen and paper icon next to the DID. This will open a window wherein you can enter up to ten email addresses for whomever you want to receive an email if 911 is called from that specific number. You also have the option to configure text alerts from the same window. To register text alerts, click the 'Text Message' link that appears in the 911 alerts window to obtain a list of email addresses for various cell phone providers. You will need to enter the desired mobile number before the @ symbol in the email. Configuring in this manner will ensure the email gets sent to the mobile carrier, converted to a text message and sent to that number. Each mobile carrier email address you enter for text alerts counts toward your total count of addresses allowed.
After entering each email address separately, you will see a list of all address configured to receive the alerts. If you attempt to enter more than ten email address for any DID, you will receive an error. If you require more than ten email addresses you may want to consider a distribution email list. Below are screen shots illustrating the steps for configuring the alerts. To remove an email address from receiving alerts simply click the red 'X' next to the address you want to remove.
Please note that if you would like to test the alerts system you can set up the alerts contact as outlined in this article and send a call to 933 instead of 911. You will receive a similar
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email but it will state a call was made to 933. Obviously, you You will not be charged Rogue fees for unregistered calls to 933.

To get to your list of E911 DIDs you may go to E911 -> Manage DIDs

Next you will want to click the Pen and Paper button to bring up the configuration page for the DID of your choosing.

You will want to ensure that the 911 service is turned on for the DID you chose.

After ensuring that the service is turned on, you may enter the email that you would like to receive alerts. To add the email, make sure to click the 'Add Alert' button.

***You may enter up to ten email addresses***

To receive text messaging alerts, you can find the correct domain to use by clicking 'Text Messaging' right beside the 'Add Alert' button.

Please note that this listing is not all-inclusive. Please reach out to your mobile provider for further details if you don't see them listed.

Once the email addresses have been added you will see the list of your current emails. To remove an email, you can just click on the red 'X'.